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My name is, Gabrielle. My love for dogs formed at a young age and blossomed into a career when I began working at Tranquil Dog Training in Jacksonville, NC. I then extended my knowledge by attending the Animal Behavioral College and gained my dog obedience training certificate. I continue to educate myself all things dogs, as each dog learns differently. More than just one method is needed to train. 

Meet my Pack! 
From left to right we have;

  • Aura (Australian cattle dog)

  • Cleo ( Corgi)

  • Atlas (German Shepherd)

  • Nile (Belgian Malinois)

They range from the ages 5- 1 year old!

they love training as a pack along with helping out during lessons. They love having board and trains to romp around with and show the ropes!


When it comes to dog training no size fits all. Many different methods will be used during training. Until we find what works best for you and your dog. Our programs are a baseline of obedience. Whether you have started this journey to start off on the right foot with your new furry family member, or are facing some unwanted behavior(s). We are here to HELP! 
You and your trainer will select a program based on what is best for you and your dog. Each program becomes tailored to help combat all problems you may be facing. From jumping on guests, pulling during walks, or not listening. The obedience taught in each program is to help build a better relationship with you and your dog. Which will lead to you both having a better understanding of each other!

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